Franciscus Gasthuis and Vlietland

Designing and Implementing Multi Tenant infrastructure (SSC)

Merging two hospitals is a complex matter. This is mainly due to the fact that a hospital cannot afford a “downtime” moment due to the fact that a hospital is busy saving lives 24/7. A Big-bang scenario is therefore out of the question. This is why we had to adopt an approach that allowed the oil-slick principle. WiNC Solutions has the unique ability that we have a development department that has been able to develop the necessary transition scripts to limit interruptions as much as possible.

Migration Franciscus Gasthuis and Vlietland

Furthermore, WiNC solutions took care of the migration of 400 healthcare specific applications, designed the total shared service infrastructure using SCCM, App-V, Ivanti Workspace Manager and RDSH based on our Advice and Design Report and guided the migration of both hospitals.

  • Client Franciscus / Vlietland
  • Start Mei 5, 2015
  • End November 4, 2016
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  • Tags Healthcare


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