Municipality Rijswijk

Migration Rijswijk

Within the municipality of Rijswijk, WiNC Solutions has packaged and migrated more than 300 applications and made them available on a VDI desktop. This included all core applications such as Corsa, Paspomaat, iBurgerzaken, GWS4All, VIS, Dis4Piv, DDS4ALL and all associated systems. Furthermore, we’ve helped them migrating there whole infrastructure to the municipality of Delft. Later on, we’ve helped Delft with creating a total new design for their shared service infrastructure to make scalable for a multi-tenant environment.

  • Client Municipality Rijswijk
  • Start December 5, 2014
  • End Oktober 4, 2015
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  • Tags Local Government


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Mitchell Lachman

Technical Consultant

Martin Rens

Senior Intake/Packaging Consultant

Glenn van Es

Technical Engineer

Robert Taal

Technical Consultant

Robert Coupier

Senior Packaging Consultant