SSC Rijswijk en Delft

Designing and Implementing Multi Tenant infrastructure (SSC)

Because of the austerity measures, the municipality of Rijswijk and Delft had to merge their IT. And thats exactly what they did. During the merge, the IT-organization figured that merging two organizations require a good design. This is where we came in.

WiNC Solutions made a technical design for their new multi tenant infrastructure and workspace. We’ve used a good App-V implementation with SCCM and Ivanti workspace manager. Furthermore, we built the VDI template in such a modular way that it was easy to update by using an automated golden image principle. Only booting the VM was enough to make the whole VDI environment up-to-date. We also built a new Active Directory structure in accordance with the multi-tenant concept, implemented hardening, defined all policies and built a new SQL environment. All this within a time frame of 3 months.

Migration Rijswijk

Within the municipality of Rijswijk, WiNC Solutions has packaged more than 300 applications and made them available on a VDI desktop. This included all core applications such as Corsa, Paspomaat, iBurgerzaken, GWS4All, VIS, Dis4Piv, DDS4ALL and all associated systems.

  • Client SSC Rijswijk/Delft
  • Start December 5, 2014
  • End November 4, 2017
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  • Tags Local Government


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Technical Consultant

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